Running it for a week?

Guys is it bad or whats gonna be the effect if you don't turn off your pc? I mean its my 3rd day now and im not shutting it down just putting it to sleep. Well the cpu is off but whenever i press the power button its just come up and it looks like i just logged off.
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  1. It wont hurt anything, some people just leave them on all the time, but I shut down to save energy
  2. Considering my mother has an old celeron D running since the prehistoric era (well... alright, since it first came out) I would say even without sleep mode you would be fine.
  3. Microsoft/intel designed vista-era and newer PCs to sleep or hibernate in lieu of full shutdown. They will be completely fine.

    You should still shutdown once a week or so though so the system can install updates, and get a clean start, etc.

    Note: if this is a laptop there are additional concerns like heat, battery to consider.
  4. you can put it to sleep for long time. in my experience i sleep it all the time until (longest i had was 3 month of everyday use + sleep at night)

    need to restart because it will become annoyingly slower
    updates require restart
    will freeze trying to sleep or wake.
    if you don't have UPS sleeping will reset if power goes out
  5. thanks all!
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