Old hard drive onto new computer

I need a bit of help I put my old hard drive into my new computer, and it seems i can find it, however where do I find the picture and documents I need to transfer onto new drive, I can only find soem info but not all my document stuff where do I look for this, and do i not need to hook up wires to the driver Im putting in, this seems rather easy to put in case and slide in.
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  1. Im not sure that question entirely made sense....

    1. Is the hard drive in and mechanically functional? Does it appear in windows?

    2. Were the files on the old hard drive protected in any way (i.e. a user account with password?) That could result in you seeing some files, but not others.

    3. Is the PC the old hard drive came from still functional/in existence or do you just have the hard drive? What operating system was on this PC?
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