Monitor won't display

I have no idea what it could be. I bought this barebones kit: [...] &CatId=332

Then I bought a Corseair TX 600 watt power supply, and a Radeon hd 6770 graphics card.

This is a first time build, so I have no experience with it. When I turn it on i hear the beep, all the fans run perfectly, everything seems fine, but nothing is on the monitor. Right now I'm plugging the monitor into the motherboard, (i'm waiting to get a DVI cable so i can plug it into the graphics card) I get nothing. But when i put the HD 5450 on the mobo and plug the monitor into that, i see the GIGABYTE starting window flash on, then darkness almost instantly, i pressed f2, delete, everything just to try and get something on the screen, and still nothing. I'm thinking its the VGA cable that I've had for a while, but i have no idea. Thank you for your help! :)
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  1. If you have the 6770 in when doing this it possibly disables the onboard. Did you not get DVI to VGA adapter with the card?
  2. I just tried removing the card, and im still just getting a flash of the start up. And it didn't come with an adapter :(
  3. your link doesnt work
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