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I have been looking for a new graphics card nothing to flashy just somthing that is reliable and will let me play games at an as high quality as i can get. (I'm hoping to be able to play it in the computers resolution equivalent of 1080p but i don't think that is going to happen with my budget) I don't really a preference on any brands just i don't want any off brand graphics card. Same thing goes with the battle between AMD and Nvidia. Ive done a little bit of research but im a little confused with all the choices.
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  1. HD 7770 or HD 6850. On most current games, the HD 6850 is a bit faster. On other games, the HD 7770 is faster. Most would put the HD 6850 a bit head of the HD 7770. HD 6870 is faster than both, but is probably a bit above your price range.

    Comparisons here for various games:

    You should have a good power supply....450-500 watts minimum. If 300 watts or so, you would probably be limited to the HD 7750...unless you also do a power supply upgrade. Antec VP-450 would be the minimum PS upgrade for me.

  2. HD 6870 after rebates, it's only 5 dollars above your budget.

    If not, the HD 6850 will let you play most games at 1080p on high with some options tweaked down (AA/MSAA, tessalation, HBAO/SSAO, etc)
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