AlienWare w Intel HD 4000 AND GeForec 650m - Gaming Issues

My GF has a nice new AlienWare that shipped with a GeForce 650M.

She plays a PC game called AION and is having graphics issues (game looks like a land full of people with heads only).

The diagnostic report ONLY sees the Intel HD 4000 graphics (I assume the integrated chip on the Ivy Bridge CPU).

How can we get the game see the GeForce card? As we think it will run the game with out the body-less issue.

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    Right click an empty spot on your desktop and click NVIDIA control panel. Then go to the "manage 3D settings" tab and then global settings, use the drop box to select "high-performance NVIDIA processor" this will set it to run the 650m all the time. You can also right click the game .exe file and select "Run with graphics processor" then set the default for that game to the NVIDIA. I've done it both ways on my alienware m14x and it has worked.
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