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Does anyone here know, would it be possible to upgrade a CPU in a laptop given the CPU's are the same socket? What things other than cooling requirements would one have to take into account when trying to do this?

I have had a look on the Intel website at their mobile processors and have noted that the Ivy Bridge CPUs are either FCBG1023 or FCPGA988... Would my assumption that if I were to buy a laptop with an Ivy Bridge CPU say an i3-3229Y (Socket: FCBGA1023) that theoretically (if removing a soldered CPU werent a problem, if the heat could be managed and not in fear of voiding warranty ) that I could put any other CPU of the same socket in its place? say an i5 or i7?!?
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  1. the bios would also have to support the new cpu

    otherwise no go
  2. would there be any other stumbling blocks? If the BIOS supported then would it be ok?
  3. yes theoretically

    but practically?

    if the cpu is soldered in then you need specialised equipment
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