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I have been scouring the internet for a gaming server rig in operation. I remember a few years back seeing an intel demo machine with 4 GPU's and 128gig's of ram and 2 or 4 cpu's with I believe 32 cores. But I can't find it so don't quote me on it. Anyway, I have to build a virtual office machine for 12 virtual desktops in my building. I'm going to build it as the ultimate gaming rig, because I can, no practical reason, just want to try flight sim in the off hours.

Flight Sim is very CPU intensive and seems to use as many cores as you can throw at it. So i'm going with this:

H8DG6-F Motherboard
2x Opteron 6300
192gb ddr3
2x intel 320 series 600gb ssd's (data server stores data so no need for more space)
3x Nvida gtx 690
I will use a dual boot so I'm not gaming on windows server but window 7 ultimate.

The reason i'm posting this is to see if anybody has tried gaming on such a rig?
I understand that the low clock might affect other games but In my experience clock speed doesn't seem to change much in FSX.

This is just for fun anyway so if it doesn't work well with FSX no big loss, we really need it for Solid works simulations.
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  1. You can only SLI two 690s as they're each a dual GPU card and SLI is max four GPUs.
  2. Good call, will drop that from the order, or maybe keep it for my own fun.
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