Overheating, new fan.

So, my trusty old AMD dual core died some months ago. IIRC it was a 3.3ghz.

Quick details, Windows 7, 4gig ram. ATI 5550 GPU.

It had a water cooler.

What happened was I was playing Guild wars 2 and the computer just reset. Every time I turned it on, it kept turning shutting down. Put it down to over heating.

The next day I tried to fix it, I turned it on, and it worked fine. I checked temps, CPU was 20c idle and around 40 playing games. GPU was around 35c idle and 55c playing games IIRC. Worked all day. Next day, I turn it on, starts shutting down again. Each time quicker and quicker. I check the bios and watch the temp rise to 61-62-63-64 etc etc really quickly all the way to 70 and I shut it down myself.

After some time, I bought an artic cooler


After a bit of fiddly fitting, since it had no bracket (the pre-built water cooler seemed to take it's place) and I then needed to buy that too, and the AMD screws were then too large so I bought some M7 6mm and it fit perfectly. I scrubbed off the thermal paste with Artic clean, then finished it off with the thermal surface purifier. (The pre applied thermal on the artic freezer had come off which is why I cleaned that and the CPU). Then I obviously applied some thermal and covered it across the bottom of the artic freezer (I however, didn't put any on the CPU chip). Turned it on, and to my surprise, it came on, and seemed to work. I jumped right into the bios and watched the temp.

It hovered around 60, I thought this was rather high but still, started up the computer, and once into windows, loaded core temps and both cores hovered around 29-30. Left it for a while, and it was fine.

So, just rigged it all up to my new HDTV while leaving my newer computer with the monitor, and started up an indie game (waves) just to test it. The temps started to rise and after around 10 minutes they got above 70 and I got a BSOD. It was too quick to read but I "believe" it was a STOP x124, but I might be wrong.

Now I feel depressed that I went through all that waiting, and sorting it out and struggling with the fan, only for it to do this. I'm sure I applied enough TP, I spread it evenly across the bottom of the freezer, and the fan spins fine (it's obviously plugged into the mobo)

Is there something I have missed?

Do I need to reset the BIOS? Will just hitting factory settings help? IIRC the fan was spinning around 2200 RPM if I checked the right thing, but I was rushing through it incase it reset.

I don't trust water coolers since reading a lot of comments if their cheap ones, and I can't afford a decent one especially for an old computer.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I just noticed when I ripped off the water cooler it had a rather large fan, which I just thought was a dust cover, which sits on the back where all the holes in the case are. I never added a case fan here

    Thing is, I didn't think I would need to, since the new computer I have now, doesn't have anything there either, could this be the problem? Or is just a case fan a quality of life for overclockers and things? What I mean is, it shouldn't be over heating without one right?
  2. anyone? :(

    I also heard that sometimes it will over heat the first time you turn it on since the paste has to harden, I've turned it on twice, shouldn't that be enough?

    I'm also having trouble finding where to reset the bios, I can only see load optimal defaults, which I don't fancy doing (I know how to reset them usually! I can on THIS computer, and others in the past but I don't want to load optimal/optimized defaults)

    I know I can take the battery out, I will do that when I've gotten the case fan, but I've been told I shouldn't really need it, and considering this computer doesn't have one, makes me wonder.

    I really don't know what to do, it means far more to me than this computer despite this being new. Please help!
  3. Maybe it would help posting your computer specs as well for others to see and try to help. Is there good airflow with the case? Ambient temps are not high? Cooler seated properly with TIM?
  4. neograndizer said:
    Maybe it would help posting your computer specs as well for others to see and try to help. Is there good airflow with the case? Ambient temps are not high? Cooler seated properly with TIM?

    I did post the computer specs, and the temperature of the CPU, I linked what cooler I replaced it with. Stated it was properly cleaned and fitted with thermal paste (Artic silver) and even said what it was cleaned with, really not sure what else you need to know. Ambient temps are fine, and there's good airflow, except for maybe the thing I already stated in the following post. Only thing I didn't state that I wouldn't have thought I'd need to, was that it was a phenom II x2. Wouldn't have thought that would matter since it was perfectly cool with the water cooler until it died.
  5. There could be other factors that are causing your issue. Maybe BIOS settings feeding too much vcore to the cpu... Maybe RAM timings/voltage...

    I personally have no experience with AMD. Just thowing out some other things to consider.
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