GTS 250 fan problem

I have a ASUS GTS 250 512MB video card. Link here to 1gb, same exact card besides the VRAM.

I rma'd my previous one about a month ago. I haven't used this card up until the last few days. At windows desktop idling, the cards fan is always at 60%(its on auto), and the temp is 60 degrees Celsius. My previous asus gts 250 was at 30% fan speed(also on auto), and the idle temp was like 30-35. Under load it rarely hit about 65C. I took it out inspected it, and all seems well. No damage, card looks brand new. Is it just a bad fan or faulty card? I contacted ASUS just now to RMA it, but wont hear from them for a day or two, so thought I would ask you guys.

EDIT: Also i have been hearing a rattling type sound from inside the case, did confirm it was the gpu and not another fan. SO this leads me to believe an RMA is my only option now.

Thank you.
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  1. hmmm your best course of action would be to RMA it if you can...if they dont let you RMA it you could try and tinker with it yourself.....sounds like maybe the fan isnt working right? could not be spinning causing the card to heat up which makes the driver tell the fan to spin faster (explains the 60% fan speed) but really the fan doesnt spin any faster due to it being faulty...your best bet is to RMA it but you could try and put an aftermarket cooler on it and see if that changes anything
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