Blue screen of death (BSOD) after installing nvidia driver in windows 7 64 bit

i was using my computer normally and few weeks back re installed windows 7 64bit just to get my computer refreshed. After i installed drivers for nvidia graphics card and mother board, BSOD started appearing randomly. One particular thing i noted was that if i start a game before appearance of BSOD, it never shows up in hours but if i just leave my pc on main desktop screen, BSOD appears every few minutes. I have tried installing new windows and everything works fine untill i install nvidia driver. I've tried different versions of driver but no luck.
System specs are
intel core2duo i8500
asus mother board
4 gb ddr3 ram.
250 gb hdd.
Nvidia gts550ti by evga
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  1. Have you removed the old before installing new driver.
  2. Did you do a clean install of Win7 or an upgrade?
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