1st Build with Nivida Gforce gtx 660ti

Hello Everyone,

I am going to try and build my very own Gaming computer from scratch and was looking for some help from all the awsome people on this website.

I wanted the new computer to revolve around the Nividia Gforce gtx 660ti, one of the the new video cards they offer so I can play Guild Wars 2 on Max setting and future games. I do not know what other componets are the best so I can have a good overall computer.

I do not know what Motherboard to Buy, Proc, Ram, HDD, Power supply and Case

I wanted a case and motherboard that allows for upgrades in the future and something that keeps the computer cool so it will not overheat. I read that by having alot of components they may overheat and fail, somethign I do not wish to happen to me so I really do not want to go with Liquid cooling but if its a must I guess I have no choice.

My Budget is $1000 US Dollars, I would really appreciate any input you guys have for me. Thank you very much for your time in helping with my very first computer build.
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  1. If you want max. anything drop the nVidia and take a good hard look at framerate comparisons vs. AMD. Then you'll know why you don't want nVidia.
    My solution would be Out-of-the-Box drives, but keep them eSATA for SSDs/HDDs, USB3 for optical, no choice but they're slow anyways. Liquid cooled CPU/Chipset/GPU system, just don't buy the rubber/plastic pipes and test the fittings under pressure before installation. I trust Asus for MB, I have a dual cpu asus from 2000 still running. AMD seems like a fast multi-core procesor to go with in the Fx-8150 model. Lga2011 will run ram at 1600mhz stock. Temps. low, do not OC, buy performing parts. If you're not studying PC hardware or in the field, I suggest you have someone professional build it for you, unless you have cash to waste to step in every pitfall everyone did before you.
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