3 Displays with Eyefinity is not working.

Hello, I'm sure this has been posted a ton of times, but I really need to figure this out.
I have 3 screens hooked up to my graphics card which is a ASUS HD7870-DC2-2GD5 Radeon HD 7870. It has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 2 Mini Display Ports. Right now I have one screen hooked up from HDMI to HDMI then the others Mini Display Port to HDMI. It will read on eyefinity that the third screen is detected, but it will not identify and actually have anything show up. Please help!
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  1. not 100% sure on this but can you try one of your mini DP to HDMI monitors on the DVI output of the card...do a dvi to hdmi setup or straight dvi if your monitor allows it. sometimes eyefinity setups can be picky....this might allow you to do all three displays...this is really the only way I have gotten it to work but I havent had too much experience with multi displays bc I dont like it myself.
  2. eyefinity requires the use of an active display port adapter for the 3rd screen. Unless it is a special card like the sapphire flex. You cannot use passive display port to hdmi adapters like you are currently doing. An active display port/mini display port to single link DVI is about 25 bucks.
  3. hmm I just assumed they were active adapters...do they not make adapter mini DP to HDMI?
  4. drums101 said:
    hmm I just assumed they were active adapters...do they not make adapter mini DP to HDMI?

    I've never seen an active one (not that means anything), and AMD doesn't even have a category for them.

    The stuff that comes with cards is usually passive, so if it doesn't work I tend to assume it's passive anyway since that's the first thing people try.

    if he needs hdmi he can slap a DVI to hdmi adapter on a active DVI dongle.
  5. ahh ok yea thanks man learn something new....never really had a need to do three displays myself so I never looked into it hardcore....have built rigs with it before thats pretty straight forward.
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