Can an hp upgrade from amd to intel

I recently bought an i7 3770k processor in hopes of upgrading my current processor FX-8150 to it. Will i be able to do it? HP says that it will only support FX-8150 and up but then again they said i couldnt upgrade my video card but i did and it worked perfectly.
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  1. fx 8150 is on am3+ and the i7 3770k is on lga 1155, 1155 cpu on 1155 motherboard and am3+ on am3+ board, amd and intel are not interchangeable, with out motherboard replacement u wont b able to use ur 3770k, and some prebuilt pcs use non atx form factor, so if ur going to get a new motherboard, u might as well get a new case
  2. damn thanks
  3. Valuable lesson learned is....

    AMD and Intel CPUs are not compatible....
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