XFX XXX 6950 2GB + XFX XXX 6950 1GB

I am able to crossfire them, however during gameplays, the game can lag intensely if there are a considerable amount of particles/projectiles/smoke. Is there a way to fix this without having to buy a new graphics card? The 2GB is not an unlockable version.

Using a single card does not cause any lag when encountering those particles.
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    Well #1, you are hampering your 2gb card by running it xfire with a 1gb vid card. YOu dont get 3 gbs outof it, itll effectively use 1gb on each card. Crossfire isnt perfect nor is SLI, some games work well with it, some dont. Can also get the new CAP files, they are crossfire profiles available from
  2. the game you are running no matter what can only sense 1gb vram, so in a way, the power between the two cards in crossfire are partially wasted, as the vram becomes your limiting factor on vram heavy games.
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