Nothing's wrong but everything's wrong!?

I got a new computer and I don't know how long it's been since buying it, but I think my ati 6670 is fucked now! Everytime I enter a game everything is fucked up like seeing little red dots all over the screen the textures look weird and it's all glitchy. :fou:

This pisses me off so much is it the card or the PSU?? It's an ATX 600w PSU and I left my computer on for 6 hours to download a really big file, did it overheat and melt?? I checked closely and it looks like there's nothing wrong!
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  1. can you check the temps on the gpu when you are in game? Use GPU-Z to find the temps while you are gaming...what brand psu do you have? Also you should blow out all the dust on your pc and make sure the video card is cleaned out could even go as far as re-doing the thermal paste on the gpu heatsink to make sure it isnt over heating.
  2. seems that you vc is overheating, reapply thermal grease, it will help
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