Need advice for a GPU on a first time build.

Going to be building my first computer within the next 2 weeks and have much of it narrowed down. I have around 1,500-1,600 to spend on it been shopping around. Currently have picked out a i7 2700K for the processor (everything I read on the ivy bridge tells me that overall its not that much of an upgrade) and a ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 mobo. After piecing everything together I am around 1,300 minus the vid card.

Really not looking to go over 300 on it at least not right now, I will have extra cash to spend around January as well to upgrade more if need be or at least buy a secondary vid card to sli/crossfire. Currently looking at either the Radeon 6850 or the Nvidia GTX 560 ti. Any other suggestions or help would be wonderful.
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  1. Wait for the GTX 660ti(couple of weeks). its performance on its release should most likely satisfy your needs around 300$. If not, Nvidia can roll out their after models(650) that can possible interest you if you aren't purchasing right now. AMD atm is done for the most part with the current gen of gpus besides the 7990 and is focusing more on their CPU line up awaiting releases of both Trinity and FX piledriver cpus for the desktop environment and wont probably be making the next gen gpus till at least q1 of 2013. But as for suggestions, it all depends what resolution, games and settings you play at.
  2. I mainly play MMO's but with my xbox dead I am looking at making pc gaming my prefered way to game now. Add to that my last pc was a 7 year old dell with a pent 4 3.2ghz processor that lasted me so long so I don't need ultra everything (its nice I am sure but not a high priority). Being able to run things on high at a decent resolution with a stable framerate is what I am looking for.

    As for games I am looking at the main one I am eyeing to play with my free time is Guild Wars 2. Also want to play Skyrim and all the Mass Effects (had the first two on xbox and want to play ME 3 badly but will play through the first two for the saves).
  3. If you aren't too pushy for settings, the 560ti should cover most settings at 1920x1080. all settings at lower resolution.
  4. IF games are your most intensive task, and you don't have tasks that need the processing;

    Dropping the i7 to an i5 should net you savings that you can then budget towards video card and result in a faster gaming machine
  5. I also recommend dropping to an I5 as an I7 won't help you in games.
    Right now this card is bang for you buck while also staying cool and needing little juice:
  6. Drop the i7 for and i5 and get one of these
    I cannot recommend this card high enough having got one yesterday.
  7. well we have gigabyte radeon 7950 for 330 euro, i dont know how much it goes in your country, but its barely 30 euro away from 7870 and is much better, so if you can stretch 300 into 3xx for 7950 why not. and by january second 7950 should be ok

    on other thought i red recently that 7950 crossfired has problems, why 7970 doesnot but is 70euro more expensive per card ...
  8. Thanks for the advice, did switch to the i5 2500k which saves around $80, went with the 7870 as its $60 cheaper than the 7950 and doubled my ram with it, can always just crossfire with another a few months down. Thanks again though!
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