New Build, Need You Guys to Help Me Review!!

Hello Everyone,

So I think I may have the parts that I wish to purchase soon, just want you guys to review them for me and make any suggestions you feel fit. Please view the build HERE
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  1. Well you could get a smaller case with that mobo
    Are you using this for gaming? If so how well do you want it to game?
    You will also probably want a hard drive as 120gb is not that much storage. Also if this is not a gaming computer you don't need 8gb ram or a 500w PSU.
  2. If you are going to game, you are going to want a graphics card.
  3. Giving us your budget range would help too.
  4. Hello all my budget is $530 and I will be getting a GTX 670/680 around Christmas, so no need for a graphics card now. I torrent quite a bit and already have a few TB's of HDD's so all I need is a nice ssd to boot off of and store games on
  5. Well I would recommend getting 16gb of ram, you will not need that much for gaming.
  6. Everything in your list should be compatible.
    Though for SSD, I suggest you get OCZ Vertex 4 instead. Same price, wayy better SSD.
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