Newbie question (re: vid card and monitor)

hi everyone, i have a newbie question, help will be much appreciated.

i have 2 questions

1.) im planning to buy palit gtx 680 jetstream (and motherboard and processor ) and im wondering if my psu can power it, my current psu can power geforce 9800GT and i cant remember if its 550w, 600w or 650w, but i do remember that it was one of those cuz i was advised to upgrade my psu when i purchased my 9800GT before, i tried finding the receipt cuz im sure the power rating of the PSU is mentioned there. I tried opening the chassis but i cant seem to find the power rating label of my PSU, it must be covered by sometihing (wirings, obstacle etc)

2.) im using a 23inch LED monitor and when i use 1920x1080x1080p resolution, overscreen occurs. ive read in some forums that nvidia cards have problems with displaying 1920x1080 through hdmi or dvi because the card actually sends 1990x1200 (i cant remember exactly the numbers) but the point is, they say that overscreen occurs because of this. So i settle with 1600x900 resolution which is a bit of a disappointment since i cant use the max resolution of my LED tv. My question is, do modern geforce cards like the 600 series still has this problem?
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  1. first you should know the psu requirement of the card you want tyo buy, for better quality picture use your monitor in its native resolution. and 1 thing more do you realle need a gtx680 when u are only using 1600x900. you can try to remove you psu, the sticker could be placed on the other side
  2. the native resolution is the 1080p and its the one that produces the overscreen..
    and im going to get a 680 cuz i plan to upgrade my monitor in the near future too..
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