Which build would be best for both gaming and grphic design?

So my budget is limited to $900, I like AMD but I know that Intel on average is much faster. I really want something that can handle large graphic design projects for my college classes but something that can also hold a good fps for games like Mass Effect 3, minecraft and other demanding games. I have been doing a lot of research and based on the research came up with both an AMD and an Intel build. Now it's just a matter of which is best. On one hand the Intel build has the much more powerful i7 3770k chip but on the other hand the AMD build has the more powerful 7950 gpu and a full 32gb of ram... Please no fanboy garbage just honest opinions! Preferably based off of personal experiences with these hardware's.

Which is more important for Photoshop CS6 Ram and GPU or CPU? Oh and with taxes shipping and handling and all it can't go higher the $909

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  1. the intel. you do sacrifice a bit on the gaming aspect, but nothing too bad that it'd be unplayable at ultra @1080p. RAMs a heck easy to add in later on and 16GB is good for the time being.
  2. I also wanted to ask if the system would actually benefit from an i7 393k vs the i7 3770k? The video card isn't needed till halfway through next year when my actual design classes start so till then I can deal with the 6450 I have right now till then which I will have the money to get a new gpu and power supply.
  3. The i5 3570k is not that much slower then the i7 3770k in photoshop, and other adobe programs. Also you will see no gain in gaming with the i7 3770k over the i5 3570k.,3204-6.html

    Here is a build that is perfect for you.
    You can chose the case, since i dont know what you like. Adobe programs use cuda cores to render out images and video, so Nvidia is better than AMD in this case. You have head room to SLI later on, But if not you can alway get a 500w psu instead to save some money.

    edit: You wont be able to tell the difference in gaming or photoshop with the 3930k over the i7 3770k, It is not worth the price difference.

    This is the best I could do for you that includes the GPU you wanted.

    MGE is new to Photoshop CS6 and uses both the OpenGL and OpenCL frameworks. It does not use the proprietary CUDA framework from nVidia.

    Hence I am going for AMD instead for the GPU
  6. Also I don't need any drives because I am getting those from my old machine (which isn't that old only like 2 years old) my old machine is just not powerful enough for the stuff I am going to be doing in school lol
  7. I use Adobe CS6 Production Premium, CUDA does offer me faster results in After Effects and Premiere Pro. So i just put two and two together and thought that it works with Photoshop along with Ae and Pr. Here again is a parts list with some changes; If you plan to crossfire later you have head room with the power supply, if you are not going to crossfire get a 530w-550w psu.
  8. I think this would be the best setup for me... Will be adding my blueray drive to this build from my current machine. Sound like a good build for graphic design with photoshop cs6?
  9. Looks great, everything checks up.
    Though you can get more motherboard features in that price range if you look at the ASRock, Gigabyte, or ASUS boards.
  10. excella1221 said:
    Looks great, everything checks up.
    Though you can get more motherboard features in that price range if you look at the ASRock, Gigabyte, or ASUS boards.

    Which boraed would you suggest in that price range?
  11. excella1221 said:

    Whats the upside to those that the msi doesn't have?
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    Scratch that, the MSI is fine. :P
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