Need help with my new graphics card.

Hey guys, im new to these forums and am not really sure what i can say to ask for help so ill put it as bluntly as possible. So firstly i bought a new graphics card for my machine and im constantly watching it via MSI afterburner always watching its usage and such, but since i got it "just over a week ago now" ive been seeing it heat up alot more, first time i got it the heat levels would hit 57 deg C, now its hitting up to around 70 deg C. Im not a huge tech head and am not sure really what to do, ive ramped up the GPU's fan to 80% of its speed, "it gets loud.. but that doesnt bother me as i use headphones". Ive not overclocked it as i havent a single clue how to do it so will not touch it at all. most of the time im on game the GPU usage will hit ~99% "it usualy sits there without any frame rate issues" ive done a bit of tampering with the settings in my Nvidia control panel, "only touched the things i know about such as anti-aliasing".

My pc specs are.
AMD motherboard A76GMV
CPU AMD Athlon II x2 260 3.2 GHZ
4GB Ram
GPU is an MSI Geforce GTX 550 TI cyclone II OC edition, "factory overclocked"
PSU is a Novatech powerstation 500W ATX 2 modular

Im really not sure if this is actualy an issue or such, i have no extra fans, the only fans are the CPU GPU and PSU fans.
As said i dont know if the heat is an issue or such, but i do get somewhat worried when i hear the fan ramp its self up so high, and then looking at the heat the 68-69 deg C worries me more. As i also noted ive ramped the cards fan up to 70-80% my self, to see if that helps, it seems to but i just want to clarify everything is ok, and what should the max ramping be on the fan?. Thanks guys hope you can help me.
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  1. you need to add case fans or get a better case and then add case fans.
    your temps a re a little high but stop worrying like a little school-girl.
    it's not that bad but yes, you need to do something and get better air-flow.
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