Best gaming graphic card under 4000rs for ddr2

hello friends;
i am going to buy a new graphic card but i am confused in which one to buy.
my pc specs are -
pentium dual core E2140 at 1.6ghz
ram 2gb
ddr2 cpu
earlier i had an ati R4350 but it is now dead as i overclocked it to more than its capacity as its performance was very weak so now i need a new graphic card at which i can play games like crysis ,call of duty black ops and battlefield 3 on high settings with fps around 30.
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  1. Remeber that it has to be under 4000 rs
  2. go for asus nvidia geforce gt 520 2 gb graphic card.
  3. thanks dude
    can you please tell me its price????
  4. but Nvidia gt 520 2GB is a very low end graphic card and gta 4 would not even start on it please tell me any other
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