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How to change my wep key in windows 7

I am unable to find the location where to change my WEP key in Windows 7. I have searched and searched and I have typed "Manage Wireless Networks" into the start button search area and when I click on that it will tell me that wireless is not currently enabled. How can I change the WEP on this 32 bit machine?
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  1. What router do u have? There must be a reset button.
  2. The "WEP" is a "key" that's stored in the router. You have to change it there.
  3. do you have the router model number ?
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    Here is the general guidance from the Wireless Networking section of the forums
    How do I find the WEP/WPA/Security Key/Password for my wireless router?

    You can manage the security settings in the same place you find them.
  5. Thank you all for your replies to my question. I was finally able to change the WEP key on my Westell 7500 Series by going to the browser bar in Firefox and typing in and accessing my info thru Verizon there. By choosing "Change Network Settings" I was able to change the key there but did notice after the snow storm we had here and we had lost Internet for a few hours that when I "reset" the wireless modem my WEP key reverted back to it's original key and had to change it again.
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