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I have an i5 2500k.tz77a motherboard.the integrated graphics was working up until now.then suddenly I started getting lag spikes yesterday in pretty much all games,random parts where it would go from 60-150fps down to 7-20fps,it wasn't a part I hadn't played before,I played games like Alliance for Valiant Arms,combat arms,etc and the same maps that I'd played hundreds of times before lag spiked now,and then it would after like 10 seconds go back to the regular I installed a intel hd 3000 graphics driver that was a more recent version from the intel site, which worked worse than the one I had.So I tried to reinstall the old one from biostars website as I installed the original driver the first time,but after I did it wouldn't let me use the onboard graphics adapter at all,after it restarted,due to being prompted to by the driver installation,the onboard graphics wouldn't even post to the I installed my 8400gs and connected the monitor to it,at which point the computer posted to the monitor.Though now it won't let me even install the hd 3000 graphics driver,and the old one isn't there for some reason,when I try,whether I use the one on biostars page,or intels page it says
"this computer does not meet the minimum requirements of installing this software"
I'm really upset because until it started having those lag spikes it worked 2-3x better than my 8400gs and now I can't even get intel hd graphics installed,I'm thinking that I screwed up the integrated graphics controller or something.if anybody has any ideas as to what I can do to fix this,if there is anything I can do,I'm open to pretty much any ideas.thanks
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  1. Buy a dedicated graphics card.
  2. uninstall the drivers and reinstall them.
  3. austinwillis81 said:
    Buy a dedicated graphics card.

    I have a dedicated card,the 8400gs,my issue is that hd 3000 graphics worked better thann the 8400gs and I'm trying to get it to work again.
  4. esrever said:
    uninstall the drivers and reinstall them.

    the drivers aren't there,I had to reset the bios by using the jumper for it to recognize my 8400gs as my primary display adapter,after that the drivers for the hd 3000 which should have been finished installing after the restart, weren't anywhere on my computer.and I can't install the drivers because as I said in my description it gives me the error message after it extracts the drivers that "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements of installing this software." and it gives me that message no matter which version of the drivers I try.
  5. figured it out myself.
    I had to install the driver by extracting the driver zip file and then manually adding through device manager via clicking on display adapters then going to actions->add legacy hardware
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