Very Old hardware - Will This work?

Hi all,
I have a very old PC, that I recently dusted off and booted up. The Motherboard is a Jetway 663AS Ultra, with 80mb ram and I think 1.2Ghz CPU. Bear in mind this computer is probably 15 years old approx.
I was thinking of using it to blank some hard drives using Dban, because its a machine I don't use and I don't mind it sitting for several days at a time without being able to use it. My other computers this would be a real problem.
The only problem I have is it obvious doesn't take sata drives, so heres my question. If I purchased a very cheap pci to sata expansion card, would it be able to read them? Or would the bios just get too confused?
Is this possible?
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  1. well I just read that some Sata PCI cards are compatible with older systems running Windows 98 or later = , this would allow you on older technology to run newer drives. I would up the ram if you can find older sdram chips, because some softwares you may need to run won't because not enough available memory.
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