Screen is not working on any graphics card. HELP!

Hello, I need your help. I decided to format my computer and then install a new windows. I've formated disk using another computer and through him formate disk (1 TB). I put disk in computer and then I turn it on. Problem is when I turn computer on screen is not working! I insered the other AGP graphics card but didn't help! :( I have old Asus motherboard. Please help me!
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  1. Sorry, I thought: When disk was formated I put disk back in computer and then I turn it on. It's not working please help me, thanks!
  2. When you say you formatted disk do you mean your hard drive? If that is the case then what you are saying is you took your hard drive out of your rig and put it into another rig and formatted your hard drive.

    Did you install the new windows while it was in the other rig? If you did then when you put it back into your rig did you hook up the power and the SATA cable to the hard drive?.

    Do you have on board graphic's that works off the mother board (MOBO) not the card that you have to insert into the AGP slot? This way you can see if your hard drive has down loaded the new windows you put on to it.

    If you do have the integrated GPU and it doesn't work then a problem is in the hard drive. Could you list all of your spec's and please answer the questions and get back to us. Good luck.
  3. It was something wrong with processor thanks for reply! :)
  4. So you fix it? That is good news if you got it to work. Good luck to you.
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