Thinking of buying a CPU and changing GFX Card & PSU

I know people say its better to build your CPU's, but I don't feel thats an option for me now so please refrain from bringing that up and stick to my question at hand. Thank you!

I'm thinking of purchasing this Acer Aspire AME600-UR368 desktop. The link for it is here:

I realize the PSU and the graphics card are sub-par if even any good at all. However, the Processor seems alright (I looked it up), it has decent memory and a good enough HDD. I don't know if this MOBO is good, or if theres something about this computer that looks fishy, etc. It's also Windows 8 but I'm going to downgrade it to Windows 7. However, I'm thinking of getting a different PSU and graphics card in replacement of them. The only way I'm going to feel safe enough to go through with this entire fiasco is if I know that the whole computers components are okay. That's why I'm here. I'd like a more expert opinion on the computer and whats currently inside, excluding the graphics card and psu which I plan to change. I just don't feel I'm educated enough to judge if this whole computer is legit (of course excluding graphics and PSU) and so I'd love to get some opinions on this. Is everything else moderate and good enough to play high end games? I'm not looking for max but high/ultra on most games sounds good, maybe max on source games as an expectation example of mine. Here is the graphics card and psu I plan to use as replacements, unless anyone else has a better idea for similar budget. Thank you.

SAPPHIRE 100358L Radeon HD 7770

Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt
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  1. That computer will take a HD7750 no problem on that FSP 300watt PSU most likely it would run the HD7770 as well but would need a PCIe power connector that it most likely does not have. The Corsair CX430 would be plenty for it though.
  2. So do you think it would be a good idea for me to just mess with the graphics card and PSU? Otherwise, does this computer seem fine? Like, good motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, audio (this is a HUGE deal for me. Audio. I've had bgi problems with a past computer.)
  3. Normally OEM boards are OK budget mATX boards. The other components are mass produced reasonable quality items but looking at the sound it is normal HD included with many other boards. You always have an option of buying a discrete sound card if you need the best quality.
    I personally would either stick in a 7750 and use the installed FSP PSU or consider more powerful GPU like HD7850 with PSU upgrade.
  4. for the price u can get better. budget?
  5. Don't do it man, for £900 you could build a beast PC
  6. iceclock said:
    for the price u can get better. budget?

    I'm not trying to build a computer, so I'm looking for alternatives like doing this but I'm looking at a budget between $700 and $800 for all materials included. I just wanted to know if whats inside is manageable for gaming if I replace the PSU and graphics card.

    @BuddiLuvva, thats payign double what I'd be spending on this. I'm not looking to make a total beast computer on 1400$. Thats not in my budget range.
  7. Any last opinions on the validity of the computer? I need to buy it by tonight.
  8. u can get prebuilt pcs for same price. that runs better.
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