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i have a new computer and ive been sooping it up a bit but i need a new cpu can anyone help me on getting a new one which one would fit?
comp: (gateway DX4870-UB20P)
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    your current cpu is socket 1155 and you can only use cpu's that have this socket design
    you can get two kinds of Socket 1155 Intel cpu's.

    sandy Bridge: those will be socket 1155 cpus with 2xxx series eg, core i5 2400
    Ivy Bridges : those will be socket 1155 cpu's with 3xxx Series eg, core i5 3470

    for Ivy, you might need a BIOS update. So use your current cpu and perform a BIOS update so that new 3xxx series cpu can be recognised by the motherboard.

    newegg page:

    you can pick one of those processors according to your budget.

    good luck
  2. dam that shits expensive. thanks tho:D
    but wats the bios do if u dont mind me asking?
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  4. BIOS (Basic Input Output System). Is the very first screen you see if you press F2 or delete keys. It's mostly informative, give info about cpu, ram installed and can generate very simple codes (usually beeps) to indicate any type of failure. It also checks that all system components are working in order by performing POST (Power On Self Test).

    Invokes the OS loader by locating the master boot record on your HDD and finally gives the OS the control of your system.
  5. ok kool. how do i get a new one?
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