The Master/Slave ASMP

I have a couple of questions i would like to be answered..

can i change who is the master and who is the slave ?

how can i do that if its possible ?

thank you :)
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  1. Read this: starting with the heading "Multiple Devices on a Cable"
    On PATA systems, Master/Slave can be selected by (1) the position on the cable or by (2) the selector switch on most PATA devises. Usually there are 3 switch settings: Slave, Master, Cable Select (CS). When set to CS, the position on the cable will determine the hierarchy of slave or master; the master being the connector on the opposite end from the MB connector, the slave in the middle.
  2. Based on the way the post has been phrased, my first thought is this question is would be better answered in a BDSM forum.

    How To Install and Troubleshoot IDE Hard Drives

    SATA Hard Drives do not have Master/Slave settings.... I guess they are not into BDSM...
  3. :lol: I didn't catch on to the ASMP at the end of the OP's question.
    Could very well be in the wrong forum... LOL
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