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Graphic card dead?


I have 2 ATI 4870x2. I want to know if one of them is dead.
It is not detected on device manager. Also i tried swapping cards and use it as a single card, took out the good one, but it doesnt give me any visuals at all. I cleaned it, also re-seated and made sure 4-6 pins are in place.
The fan is spinning. But that's about it. Anything else I could try?
If you have any kind of suggestions, very welcome to hear them. Thank you.

-Asus P5Q-e motherboard
-win7 OS
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  1. Are any of the red diagnostic LEDs on?
  2. non of the LEDs are on.
  3. After the steps you already took i would say it's dead.
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    Last gasp-Check the edge connector for damage, there is a chance that a poor connection is the problem, but it's very unlikely.
    Otherwise, I'm sorry to say you're down to one card, or off shopping :( .
  5. So i checked for damaged, and it looked fine. Just to make sure, I tried to remove the working card and use the broken card once again. no visuals at all. I thought there was no LED signal but I happened to notice a LED blink. I payed more attention this time and tried to see what pattern there is. Before I trash the card, hopefully this gives some result to keep it.

    I compared the LED signal with both cards.
    What is same with both cards is that at startup, the first 3 LEDs blink.
    Also at shut down, both cards show a blink on the 3d LED.
    What is not the same is that when at startup the 3 first LEDs blink, the dead card shows 2 additional blinks on the 3d led right after that.

    Any ideas what this could mean? thank you.
  6. Here is an explanation of what the LEDs mean:

    R753 – 6 pin PCI-E power unplugged (or not enough power)
    R724 – 8 pin PCI-E power unplugged (or not enough power)
    R819 – Thermal overheating issue
    R323 – GPU1 no power (master GPU)
    R570 – GPU2 no power (slave GPU)

    Now, since you have nothing much to loose here, remove the heatsink assembly, but leave the fans attached, plug it in and boot up. After a few seconds CAREFULLY touch the exposed GPU chips- hot or cold?
  7. Nope it was not heat. Also the LED signal didn't repeat after I tried back the card. A lot of false positives and im looking too far in order to safe the card i think. Dead is dead, I removed the card. Bad news, but thanks for the effort.
  8. Sorry to hear that!
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