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Hello to all,

I require your help on my new and first build. In the past week I have spent quite alot of money on trying to put together a Pc better than my current one. I am a novice to building Pcs and have been up for 24hours trying to complete this build. I have run into one major problem...The Pc does not boot and my CPU does not seem to be working because the stock heatsink fan is not spinning and nor are the chassis fans and i have a red light on the motherboard for the CPU which means there is a problem. I have googled through numerous forums with no resolution found to my problem. At this moment in time my PC build hardware and components list like this:

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV formula
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 processor 3.4ghz quad core 8.0 mb cache
RAM: Crucial Ballistix BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00CEU 8GB (4GB x2) DDR3 Memory Kit
PSU: OCZ OCZ600MXSP-UK ModXStream Pro 600W ATX Power Supply
Graphics Card: VTX Radeon HD 5450 (2gb ddr3) --- Not the best I know looking to upgrade
Hard drive: Crucial CT256M4SSD2BAA 256GB M4 SSD 2.5 inch
OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64mb
Also have a blue ray disc player which is not connected

The two fans powered by the psu work. The OC, lock, start, reset buttons light up. I have double checked all the connections. I followed all the manuals and re-read them. My monitor says it's not getting a signal and goes in to sleep mode. When I power on the pc it does not sound like it's doing anything and there are no bleeps. Is their a compatability issue between my mother board and cpu?

If you need more info then please let me know. I am at my wits end and would be gutted if i failed at my first attempt. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Can't give much help, directly, as no experience of Crosshair boards. What I would suggest is you either post this on the motherboard forum, with a title like "problem with Crosshair mobo", or go direct to Republic of Gamers forum, with similar request.
  2. Sounds like the mobo is shorting out to me, try bread-boarding the machine and see if it works there.
    Breadboarding is when you set up the system outside the case, on a non-conductive surface (A wooden table or the mobo box will do).
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