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I purchased a Zalman z11 plus case. I was disappointed that it didn't come with those rubber or silicone cable management things that you pull the cables through - see picture -

- see on the right side? The black rubber or silicone fittings that help hide the cables?

I am wondering if you can purchase these separate. Does anyone know what there called?
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  1. You are talking about the grommets that you run the cables through? Not unless you can get them from Zalman.
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    different brands use slightly different grommet sizes, but I'd definitely check out or - their DIY / case sections do have grommets for sale. theres a chance they might fit your case, so I'd see if you can find the measurement so you know what size to look for. if not, try contacting the manufacturer and request them, since they should have been included in the first place.

    these ones are for corsair but might fit yours:

    hope this helps. cheers :)
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