System wont boot, cant see drive, NEED HELP

Hello all,

I have recently put together a new pc (thank you for putting the list together here) but i have had some problems lately which I just can't figure out what is wrong, hopefully someone will be able to help me out :s

This is the spec:
Intel Core i5-3570k
ASROCK z77 Extreme4 MB
8G Gskill 1600 Sniper LV CL9
Pioneer DVR-220LBKS Black 24x
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Evo
750W XFX core edition PSU
ASUS PCE-N15 W/L Adapter
2x 1TB Seagate Hard-drive
256GB Crucial M4 SSD

Running: Windows 7 Home Prem 64OEM SP1

At first I had my SSD as my boot drive and had all the programs there, but after 2 weeks of building the system, the system wouldn't boot at all after the bios, and I couldn't find the SSD in the bios, and I was told the SSD had died, which I'm doing a RMA at the moment. So, on the weekend I changed my boot drive to one of the initail 1TB Seagate HD and re-installed everything but today I had the same problem and couldn't boot at all :(
I couldn't find the hard drive in the bios it only showed the other drive and dvd player, so I tried re-installing the windows, but that didn't work as well, after a while playing around with the sata cables I finally had the hard drive showing and it worked but I don't see why I had that same problem again. If anyone could suggest me what the problem might be, I don't want to run into the same problem again in couple of days. I also read somewhere about updating the motherboard but might not be. Any ideas?

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    It actually sounds like you have a bad sata cable or its coming loose to be honest with you. If it immediately started showing up after you dinked around with the cables what does that tell you? It could have been your power or data (sata) cable. If it happens again try a different cable, possible one with a lock on it.
  2. it could also be your sata controller but more like the cable
  3. I suppose it could have been the sata cable, I have one normal sata cable which was going from the boot drive and another sata cable with right angle going to the storage drive, and when i swaped it, the hard drive was showing and it boot perfectly fine. Havent seen a sata cable with locks on it with will look around, anything to resolve this problem.
    So I'm probably safe to consider this problem isn't related to the motherboard. Thanks for helping out. Cheers

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