Corsair tx750

so i have the tx750 ready to install, will the cables effect airflow? only plan to use one and an ssd and hd no floppy will this produce bad airflow? plan to oc an i5 3570k to 4.5ghz
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  1. ive installed countless modular and non-modular PSU, they all affect airflow the same way. simply grab a cable tie or two and tie down your unused cables to the bottom of the case or HDD cage.
  2. got a tx750 in my second pc

    theres a LOT of cables there :)

    but as said use cable ties or velcro ties --i like those as they are re-usable and you can get them in long

    strips so you can cut to the size you want

    and try to tie them down where they are not blocking any fans
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