This psu enough for my build

Is a corsair tx 850 is enough for this configuration
Saphir hd 7770 o.c eddition
Intel i5 3570k
Asrock z77 extreem4\6
2 tb w.d hdd
60 gb corsair ssd
And a C.M hyper 212 evo
I will o.c it in few months
And im in a buget
And when I oc it I will purchase
H100 tooo
Tx 850 is good or go with the hx 750
I will replace my gfx frm 7770 to 7870
So plese
Help me
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  1. Yes, its more than enough actually.
  2. Both the 850w and 750w are overkill unless you plan to add Crossfire in the future. You can easily get away with a quality 500-650w PSU (less in fact but you want some room for growth/upgrades).

    Good luck!
  3. A 500W PSU is sufficient, even a bit overkill really. Unless you have a some future plans for GPU upgrades, I wouldn't hesitate to go with 500W.

    Stick with seasonic, corsair, xfx, PC Power & Cooling and you'll be fine at 500W.

    edit: For what it's worth, I've heard very little good about the H100s, typically no better than a Hyper212 evo for temps, you can easily OC on the evo. Only reason to go liquid is for less noise.
    If your build is for gaming, it may be worth upgrading to a 7850 if you can find room in your budget (which would be fine on a 550W); perhaps by removing the SSD for now, and saving to get the SSD later instead of the H100?
  4. COLGeek said:

    +1 to that, if you are in the US that is a great deal. (Should be able to push a 7850 no problem as well)
  5. Thnxxx everyone
    Im thnkng that
    If 7770 works fine till next year
    Then I will buy 8000 and nvidia 700 series are out in the market
    So I will buy the new gfx next year
    And just one question
    Can a 212 evo handle a i5 3570 at 5 Ghz
    if the difference between h100 and 212 evo and yo u dont care about the sound the which is good cooler
  6. And what is a modular psu
    Is tx 850 is a modular power supply
  7. Todays shellshocker (one day only) in the states is another great psu deal:

    You won't need over 600W for any single card system. Unless you plan on SLI, you don't need such a large PSU.

    A modular power supply is one which unused cables can be disconnected from. It's kinda nice, but it's not a deal breaker for me personally. It can make your case look cleaner, but if you have a bottom mounted power supply, they mostly stay tucked away anyhow.

    I've never done much with overclocking personally, but I know that you cannot know what the chip you are getting will be capable of. Some 3570s will be able to hit high clock rates with relative ease, while others may struggle to get much more than modest OCs.

    I've never used either of the coolers personally either, so I've got only second hand knowledge; but most people suggest that prefab water kits aren't any better than air (some are even worse, but I think the H100 is very slightly better but not enough to be worth it in terms of cash or risk of leaks); water cooling is much more effective if you build your own custom water loops, but it's a lot of work and research. If you have doubts about the Hyper212 evo, I would suggest creating a new thread for that; as your current topic isn't likely to grab any of the cooling/OC experts' attention.
  8. I would suggest a better cooler for 5Ghz. 5Ghz is actually quite rare, and if you got that much of an OC, you have a good, very good, quality chip then. Usually, the 212 can handles an OC up to 4.5GHz, but Im pretty sure thats in push-pull configuration.

    Some better coolers are: Noctua NH-D14 (one of the best out there, but you would need low profile RAM like the G.Skill Ares or Corsair Vengeance Low Profile because of its sheer size.) the Xigmatek Dark Knight, Thermaltake Silver Arrow or whatever the TT cooler was called lol.
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