No internet Dir-655 router to acess wifi

Hey guys here is my situation

I just moved and it will take a week to get internet :( and I NEED IT NOW!!!
I have a D-Link Dir-655 and I wanna use it so my pc can pick up wifi in the surrounding area (its near a hotspot) but I cant seem to utilize it to connect to the net utilizing wifi.

Please instill me with your knowledge.
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  1. You aren't asking us to help you connect to network that belongs to someone else are you? If so, we can't help you do that.

    To use a router as a "network adapter", you have to change the router to act like a client or a wireless bridge. Typically, you connect your PC to your router via ethernet and then configure your router's mode to allow it to join another network.

    It appears that D-Link no longer supports that function so you may be out of luck. Check this link for more:
  2. I suggest you go to a local store and pick up a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

    Something like the following:
  3. Obviously a bit of confusion there, since the router will only broadcast the internet connection currently connected to the router, bridge mode does allow you to do this, but it depends on the router as said.
    And why would you go this route if the laptop has Wi-fi unless you intend to steal a signal and route it to more than one device you have at home ? What a Null question and pointless.
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