PowerEdge 750 and PowerVault 745N

Hopefully this is posted in the right spot.
I was given a PowerEdge 750 1U Server (with a Server 2003 sticker).
I was also given a Power Vault 745N 1U Storage Server (with a 2003 storage server sticker).
I'm wondering what OS I could put on these.
These are i386, so only 32 bit systems will work.
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  1. I believe 2008r2 was x64 only but I'm not sure about 2008...
  2. Yep, you should be able to get away with 2008 if it's got enough grunt.
  3. Server memory is limited to 2GB RAM, so Windows Server 2003/2008 will both work...

    You can also install Windows XP/Vista/7 on the machines, but drivers may be limited depending upon the configuration.

    Given the limits of the hardware - you might also want to consider Ubuntu/Ubuntu Server for the install....
  4. From my experience with the 750, you will need an external dvd drive, as the internal is CD only, and a 32bit OS that can install with only 256MB of RAM active (unlike win7 pro 32bit). I am attempting to install Ubuntu 12.** long support edition ATM.
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