Questions around overclocking my new system

i built a new system useing the fallowing parts

z77 pro 3
core i5 3570k 3.4 ghz stock
radeon hd gigbyte 7850 comes out of the box over clocked for 975 clocks and memory at 1200mhz
ram 8gbs in two sticks G.skill 1600 memory
power supply is a CX600W corsiar
i have 9 fans in total counting video card and powersupply
iam cerious about over clocking but don't know about the full consquinses of doing it

can i over clock this any more
useing amd overdrive
my CPU has a hyper 212 plus Cpu cooler
i get right now some where to 43 to apsolute 59 degrees celcius at the highest for heating
mostly around 50 to 55
ive already overclockeded my CPU to 4ghz on my mother board z77 pro3 bios software
with the overdrive software i can max my clocks for 1050mhz
and memory for 1450
i can over run a few of my fans to useing overdrive and increase power

what are the draw backs to over clocking
how long will it last if i over clock
will i see real increase in performace
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  1. To sum it up, Overclocking is a lot like pushing your PC to its absolute limit. It means removing safety limits, forcing your components to use more electricity, and increasing the number of cycles (the number of processes any part of the computer performs) per minute. It WILL increase your performance significantly. HOWEVER, pushing your components BEYOND their limits WILL DO INTENSE PHYSICAL DAMAGE; either heat or electrocution, and almost definitely will ruin that componenet, and perhaps the entire system.

    You should DEFINITELY look up this article.

    Do a lot of research about each component of your computer if you do want to overclock; this is NOT for people who are inexperienced with it, so if you're hearing about it for the first time, I do NOT recommend it. If you still want to, check out
    Good luck!
  2. okay thanks for all the help and info
  3. Whoops, re-read your post. Right, if you've already overclocked your CPU, but you did that with the program AMD Overdrive; that program restricts you from pushing components past their limit, usually. If it only lets you overclock to, for exampls, 1600 mHz, do NOT try to push past that, as damage WILL occur. I recommend reducing the values by 50 Mhz each, for safety; otherwise, you should be fine.

    Long-term wise, over-clocking WILL reduce the lifespan of any components that are being overclocked. So, tone it down a bit; the less you overclock, the longer the lifespan of that hardware. You have 9 fans; what are the rpm's of the fans? And are any of them liquid cooling systems?
  4. elvos said:
    okay thanks for all the help and info

    Any time. Check out my other post, it'll help you a bit more.
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