AMD or Intel?

Hello all once again, So I am undecided between a AMD or Intel CPU. Now I know Intel is extremely good but is very pricey but AMD it seems you get more bang for your buck.

Just to compare
AMD X8 FX-8350 (125W) Eight-Core Socket AM3+, 4GHz CPU, 8Mb Cache, 32nm (FD8350FRHKBOX) 199$

Intel Core i7-3770K Socket 1155, 3.50 GHz, 8MB L3 Cache, 22 NM (Retail Boxed) Gen 3 344$

Now I see a huge difference like .50 GHz faster and 4 more cores and basically 1/2 of the price.

I do plan to overclock eventually and also game almost as a steam box

Any advice or evidence would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. dirtyferret said:
    apples and oranges since both CPUs companies design their products differently. Really want you want to look at is performance for your dollar. Your best would be to start with tom's best CPU for the price but for under $200, you can get a solid intel i5 that will offer better gaming performance then the FX-8,3106.html

    Is there a huge performance difference? or some benchmarks?
  2. An A10-5800K crossfired with an HD6670 will get you better value than any intel/nvidia setup hands down.
  3. The i7-3770k has Hyper Threading (HT) which is the main reason why it is expensive.

    Games do not use HT so buying the i7-3770k for games is a waste of money. Get the i5-3570k instead.
  4. Get the i5 3570k and the best GPU(s) you can afford.

    Spend at least 2x as much on GPU as you do on CPU if you just want to play games with the best graphics and performance.
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    First of all you seem to be hinting at the thought that more cores and higher clock speeds are better but that is just not true. More cores isn't always better it really depends on what you are doing. If all you are doing is playing games you don't need a six or 8 core processor. Next clocl speeds don't matter so much either. The fact is that Intels microarchitecture is faster and more efficient than AMD's allowing it to do more work faster despite being clocked slower. What this means is the 3.4 GHz I5 will beat out the 4.0 Ghz Piledriver in games.
    Next there is no point in getting the I7. There is very little difference between I7 and the I5 except that the I7 has more cache and hyperthreading two thing games don't make use of. There is no need to spend an extra 100 dollars on the I7 over the I5 because you are paying for features you won't make use of.
    Now as for which to get I would go with the I5. You look at the benchmarks and you can see the I5 out performs the Piledriver in games.
  6. Sorry took me forever to respond, 3570k is now a target. Thanks all much appreciated
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