I7 3770k or i5 3570k for extreme gaming?

hey i was planning to get i7 or i5 both for gaming and a little video edition and animation ......money is not a problem but i want games to run on ultra high setting for 4 to 5 years

gpu : gtx 680 4gb
ram : 32 gb 1600mhz
hdd : 3tb
motherboard asu
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  1. For gaming you will find that very few games can use more than 4 threads. However for video editing and animation you may find that the extra threads offered by the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K may pay off for you. So it all comes down to how much media creation work you are looking to do. If you are not doing much than save the money and go with the Intel Core i5-3570K if you are doing a good bit of media creation you should go with the Intel Core i7-3770K.

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  2. 3570k is the best processor for gaming and 3770k is the best at rendering and stuff, but it doesn't mean that 3770k is not good at gaming ;)
  3. Hi :)

    For Ultra gaming you need a better card than a 680...

    This is mine >>> http://www.powercolor.com/us/products_features.asp?id=423

    All the best Brett :)
  4. 1) A 680 is a waste of money, especially a 4GB one. Unless you're gaming on three monitors, 4GB doesn't make the card any faster.

    The 680 is only 5% faster than a 670, but it's 25-30% more expensive. Since both cards max out games equally well, just get a 670, instead of wasting money.

    2) 32GB of ram is, again, a waste of money for what you're doing. With Battlefield 3, Photoshop, and 50 tabs in chrome all open at once, I have more than enough RAM with only 8GB.

    3) Get a 2TB drive and a 128GB SSD. You obviously have the money, and 3TB drives can make windows have issues. (Plus, if you're building a nice computer, it's not complete without an ssd to put windows and programs on.)

    4) What motherboard is that? If it's more than about $150, it's too expensive. *(And if it's a Sabertooth, then it's a ripoff.)

    Oh and finally, if you read this and go, "But I have the money, so if I want to waste it, I'm going to!" then just think about this for a second:

    Why spend more money now to get no better performance when you could save it to get a HUGE performance increase down the road?
  5. thank you IntelEnthusiast and zcosmin for clarifying that i5-3570k and i73770k r both equally good at gaming........and its just $60 more for i7 so i would be preferring that.
    well brett i think gtx 690 and hd 7990 r waste of money even if ur r gaming on ultra high settings. so i would stick to gtx 680 thanks for ur repon

    and DarkSable i understand
    1) that gtx 670 is more than enough but i am preferring gtx 680 because i can effort it right now. but i have to still decide to go for 2gb or 4gb. as u said 2 gb might be sufficient.
    2) amount of ram is only to impress other people and its costing me at max $150-$170 which is fine with me.
    3) and i will take ur advice here because ssd r the latest and have better performance.
    4)and sorry for the mistake wile typing the motherboard is asus maximus v gene micro atx ...........well i needed help here too in micro atx can u recommend any other better motherboard in the same price range.
    5)the thing is i cannot upgrade for next 4 yrs that the condition i had to keep with my parents before buying this gaming rig. anyways thanks for ur help a lot....
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