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I've been looking at 2560x1600 monitors and i've been wondering if it's worth getting if i have an hd 6950 2gb and don't plan to upgrade soon. I know i won't be able to completely max out the settings on really high end games. Here are my questions:

1. do the not so demanding games look great on a high resolution monitor?

2. would i be able to run the more demanding games at a playable framerate if i turn off tesselation? Do you think it's a good trade?

3. what would be a good monitor to get? I don't really care about the variety of displayports, or if the monitor's 2560x1440(since it's much cheeper). It seems however that the 2560x1440 monitors aren't as great disregarding resolution(ie. antiglare messing up the picture). My biggest concern is overall picture quality (color, clearity, ect.). what do you think will look amazing, and not cost too much if possible. However if it's more like a you pay for what you get kind of thing my budget is $1100.
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  1. Is that budget is only for moniter?

    Here is a review.

    HD 6950 is pretty nice card for that resolution.
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