I5 3570k + 670 sli performance

I plan on doing some serious gaming as well as streaming, hence the two 670's. Here is the overall build for reference:

Proc: i5-3570k OR i7-3770k
gfx: (2) gtx 670 in sli
ram: 8gb of 1866
SDD: 180gb
HDD: 750gb 7200 rpm
Mobo: asus v7 deluxe z77 chipset
PSU: 850w corsair

My question is, will i really see the money i spend on the i-7 over the i-5 for what i will be using it for? I'm planning on streaming everything @ 1080p. Games will be - WoW, BF3, Dota2, CS:GO, BL2. And a few others.

I plan on OC'ing the i-5 if i choose that one to around 4.4-4.6. If i get the i-7 it would be less to about 4.2-4.4(ish). I know in overall performance the i-7 does take the cake, but from what i understand in gaming the difference is extremely minimal to non existent even at stock clock rates.

So the sum up question once again; Will i get my moneys worth out of the i-7 3770k over the i-5 3570k for what im doing, or will the i-5 be able to handle it no questions asked without breaking a sweat?
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    i7 gains you nothing for gaming. i7 helps things like photo/video editing, and some design software, but unless you're heavily into that, no point.
  2. would it help with the streaming program (xsplit) in that case? and if it does, would it be in a hugely noticeable fashion?
  3. As far as I can see, from specs. no. The only difference between i5 & i7 is hyperthreading, and that's too "niche" for most software to make the effort to use it.
    99% sure, unless someone has any info to contrary. If system used it, that would normally be mentioned, in "system requirements".
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