Amd Phenom ii 1045t or FX 6300/8320?

I'm building my first computer and already ordered the stuff but am having second thoughts about my cpu. I got the Amd Phenom ii 1045t for $89 with mobo, 8 gb ram. I use it for gaming but nothing too extreme.

I was looking at maybe getting one of these and returning the Phenom ii 1045t
fx 6300 for $129
fx 8320 for $149

would any of those make that much of a difference if i got one of them instead? Or should i just keep the 1045t? And would the fx8320 work on that mobo fine out of the box? and the power supply i got is 400W would i need a bigger one with any of those cpu's


also have a GeForce 9600 GSO from my old comp. what would be a good graphics card for around $120 or less and again would i need a bigger psu if i got a new card
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  1. I went from an x6 to an 8320. I don't think you'll notice a significant difference in games. I upgraded because I wanted to move the x6 to my HTPC (same MB as yours) and I do quite a bit of transcoding, which the 8320 is better at. You MB is compatible, might need to update the bios. I'd check, you may already have a recent enough bios that supports Vishera.

    Virtually any video card in that price range is going to be better improvement for gaming vs a cpu upgrade and draw less power vs. your 9600GSO.

    HD 7770 ~$110
  2. 8320 is a beast.

    id recommand it highly.
  3. i just got the 1045t in the mail today and haven't opened it so i think I'd be able to return it still. just not sure if i wanna wait for another to come. would the 1045t last me as long as the fx8 would and still hold up in like 4-5 years? if i won't notice a significant difference then i'd rather just assemble it now

    also my power supply is a thermaltake, is this psu ok or should i return this and get something else psu
  4. Attempt to get a decent overclock out of it, i got my 1055t to 3.2, the stock speeds of a 1090t. I wouldnt say 4-5 years, id say since u got it for around $115 keep it see how u like it with an OC, and if u dont wait til steamroller thats coming out on the AM3+ platform

    U buy from ebay? Shipping costs back is never fun to pay, and if from a retailer then u got shipping and restocking fees

    PSU wise i never trust any power supply that comes with the case, but a corsair cx 430 is usually cheap and is worth it for the cost
  5. Ordered it from Tiger Direct.

    so should i just keep the case n psu so i can get started and just buy a corsair? or return the whole thing, i think i'd get like ~$40 back for it n shipping that back would be more of a hassle than the processor alone
  6. whats ur full current specs?

    just got everything today but haven't opened em yet. also planned on putting in my asus geforce 9600 gso until i get a new card

    realize now that this may not have been the best kit but w.e
  8. The psu should be fine, i used a raidmax 500watt that came with a smilodon and it ran my pc b4 crossfire and the crosshair iv with an slight overclock just fine so the psu should be fine, the cpu with an oc is more than enough, with a nice gpu all cores will be used on bf3, even without a oc it'll be good its just many games dont use 4+ cores and many prefer a higher clock speed than 2.7Ghz.

    A 7770 will do bf3 on the high preset played at @1080p, and can usually get one for $120

    U could return all, but the restocking and shipping fee is going to be quite enough, newegg made my bro in law pay $20 for restock and shipping on two fans that were $20 a piece
  9. id get an alternative ps that thing doesnt look stable.

    1055T vs FX 6300, a FX 6300 is a 12%(as high as 20% in others) upgrade over the 1055T (let alone the 1045T) hardly a side grade. Plus you lower you power usage and get a much much faster IMC. Right now that X6 1045T must go and a FX6300 or FX8320 must get put in ASAP.
  11. 8350 for the win tbh. :)

    i just ordered one with a sabertooth gonna smoke.
  12. tiger direct wont let me return/exchange because it was a bundle :/
  13. yeah ill prolly get the corsair cx430
  14. Nothing but SeaSonic or Delta branded units touch my rigs. Pick your PSU carefully, the CX430 has very low wattage and amperage on the 12v rail it may be problematic when you start throwing in a high end Vishera along with GPU and other components running of the 12v Rail. I use a SeaSonic Platinum Fanless 400w but that gives most of its capacity on the 12v(390w).
  15. the cx 430 is quite good my friend. but id go for a higher wattage ps for headroom myself
  16. Im pretty sure that the cx 430 wouldnt have a problem running a 8350 with a 7770/650 ti, with a small oc, with the standard hdd/ssd, odd, etc. I was told that it would of ran my system with a single 6770, and a oc on my x6, but went with the higher wattage for crossfire and to be on the safe side
  17. The CX 430 should do just fine. I've had a 250w PSU power a 95w P4 Prescott and a 4850. But more headroom would be better.

    250W barely had enough for that 4850, and that review was with a 105W cpu.

    Pushing the limits of your ps is asking for it to short out, possibly frying the motherboard, cpu, gpu, hdds when it pops. Although the corsair cx430 should just shut down instead of blowing up.

    Would you spend $500+ on parts and go with a $40 ps that may or may not work? Its not a chance I would take, and if you upgrade or add a better video card, buy a new psu, or just get the bigger psu now and be happy you don't have to change it later.

    Will it work? most likely, for a while.

    As for the 1045T vs 6300, overclocking is where its easier, but the 1045T can be overclocked, just not with the multiplier.
  19. i stick with what i can afford. but try to stick with quality myself. corsair. antec. pc power and cooling. seasonic. evga.
  20. dirtyferret said:
    that is your choice and both companies build quality units (although delta makes some mediocre ones) but its naive to think they are the only OEM out there that build quality units.

    Zippy/EMACs to expensive and mostly for industrial servers, Superflower also industrial servers. Seasonic and Delta are about as good as it gets for Desktop.
  21. superflow does mainstream ps but mostly in asia.

    agree on zippy.+macs. seasonic. pc power and cooling, got enermax. be quiet. tegan was good quite. abs. corsair, ultra x4 modular 1200w series, antec quite good.
  22. cwt arent an official brand. fps yes.
  23. I used to use Superflower, then they stopped making DT component grade PSU's and since then Delta and SeaSonic have been ol faithful.
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