FX 8150 stock cooler normally loud?

My girlfriend just bought a fx 8150, and the cooler gets really loud, is this normal for this CPU? and would the Evo 212 or the Hyper TX3 be much quieter?
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  1. Before you spend any money on coolers check the temps and the fan speed settings in the BIOS.
  2. The temp in bios is usually around 50 degrees
  3. When I let the computer sit in bios, the temp seems to stay at 54-55, and the fan is pretty loud for just being in bios.. im just curious as to if these processors are known for having a loud stock cooler
  4. With temperatures of ~55° at idle you don't want to go lowering the fan settings to achieve silence. You might do as dirtyferret said and buy a better CPU cooler. Or if you're tight on money try cleaning the heatsink, reapplying thermalpaste and reseat the assembly.
  5. Its brand new, literally less then a month old, sure hope I wouldnt need to clean it and apply new theramal paste :P.. ill probably look into the Hyper TX3 or the Evo 212, which one would you recommend? Hyper TX3 is $10 cheaper, does the Evo give alot better performance then the Tx3?
  6. id spend the $20-40 on a aftermarket cooler just for the better cooling and the quietness of the fans, it seems the tx3 is just a smaller version of the evo, id say evo or plus as its usually slightly less.
  7. So, if I have a micro ATX board (H61) am I gonna have a problem using the evo? I have a Mid tower case.
  8. Well there is height dimensions for the evo and tx3 and transfer that measurement to ur case and see if it hits ur side panel, all cases are different and a mid tower case does not have a set width for all, or if ur case mentions the size of cooler it takes go off that
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