Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce x3 vs (Gigabyte or Palit) stock GTX 680

Which one is the best choice?
Palit GeForce GTX680 (reference) (NE5X68001042F) - $490
Gigabyte GeForce GTX680 (reference) (GV-N680D5-2GD) - $510 or $531
Gigabyte GeForce GTX670 Windforce x3 (GV-N670OC-2GD) - $481

Gigabyte - 36 months
Palit - 24 months

I like cool and silent cards but maybe reference construction of 680 would be better...?
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  1. The gigabyte windforce is only $400 on newegg.
  2. I'm from Poland and here we have to pay more because of taxes... :(
  3. Oh sorry. Personally I would get the 670 because I despise reference cards. I have a gigabyte windforce x3 radeon hd 7970 and the fans are amazing. Mine is overclocked and volt modded to 1200/1650 and battlefield 3 struggles to make my card hit 65C and the fans don't even hit 50% at those temps.
  4. Windforce 670 is the best
  5. Gigabyte GeForce GTX680 (reference) (GV-N680D5-2GD) - $510
  6. So which one? Could you say something more than just a model's name? Some advantages and disadvantages of both for this prizes?
  7. verbalizer said:
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX680 (reference) (GV-N680D5-2GD) - $510
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