Is this a good case?

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  1. Both are good cases, the Mk might be better due to the 932 having to use a 5.25" adapter plate to add usb3 ports.
  2. the mk looks sweet. u get my pick
  3. How about the first one?
  4. HAF 932 for days, man. It's a monster if you plan to watercool.
  5. Great, I am going to need water cooling and this might be unrelated but cosair h70 or h100?
  6. h100 or h80i no 70 for me.

    haf932 is nice also.
  7. Given the choices I'd go with the HAF 932 , as for the cooler ... either the 80 or 100i although there are potentially better things on the horizon eg. the swiftech h-220 ..........THIS
  8. dunno. swiftech 220 is good, but not that much better than than 80i or 100i.

    also its 320$. versus 100$

    kind of big price difference.
  9. $139.00 actually ... The promo shows it with better cooling performance , lower dba and better reliability at 60,000 hours . Its expandable and the pump is much stronger @ 6 watts rather than the 1.2 watts of the other offerings . To that I must admit that the performance will be determined at release .. late feb ..
  10. Definitely choose the HAF. I've got the 932 Black Edition with a WC loop for the cpu and vga, along with a dual bay res, and it's got nice room to expand in addition to what I already have. I can also tell you the the high air flow (HAF) really does work well in this case, which is more important if you don't water cool.
  11. sounds good :)
  12. iceclock said:

    different product .. your listing a different system ....$139.00
  13. oh.

    meh noctua dh-14. thermalright silver-arrow. xigmatek dark-night-2. thermal-right venomx-

    mux-120. tuniq xtreme 120. all good coolers just as good as the swiftech. dont forget there using air to cool unlike a custom water cooling system
  14. The noctua is hands down the best air cooler on the market . The 212 evo is likely the best value , the h-220 I'm expecting will be the best AIO cooler for the short term anyways but if ya want a custom loop at a good price the Raystorm rx 240 is hard to beat ... if ya have two 5.25 bays available for the res ... IMHO
  15. ya well still its more work than just seting up an aircooler.
  16. iceclock said:
    ya well still its more work than just seting up an aircooler.

    I agree with you completely on that . I still havn't worked up the courage to install a potential water bomb in my rig :)
  17. for me air does the job. when it wont anymore than ill consider a custom loop.
  18. once you go water, you'll never go back!
  19. yes so they said.
  20. Agreed .. when the original sticker shock wears off and I'm feeling brave I'll go with a custom loop
  21. eh also 400$ for a basic water cooling system. of quality.

    id have to get it professionaly installed no way im doing that lol
  22. I have alot of trade skills so not worried about that end . Just the thought of my rig in a puddle ... $$$$$$$
  23. well my skills sucks for mounting stuff sadly lol
  24. lots of tutorials on you tube .. take your time , have everything prepared and you'll be fine .....
  25. i think ill stick with air cooling, maybe one day ill venture in custom loops but thanks for the vote of confedence.
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