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My Dynex 520W passed away earlier this week. I replaced the Dynex with Corsairs GS800 PSU only to have to go through 3 of them because they all had this issue were it made this really loud noise, irregardless of what suggestions I followed from technical support to fix it. Apparently this is a common thing for Corsair GS series PSU's to make this noise. Anways, I would like to hear from the audience about what would be a good recommendation for my computer. The current set up is as follows:

AMD FX-6100 x6 3300MHZ 6 core (socket AM3+)
Seagate 1TB HD 7200 RPM
Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
ASUS M5A97 motherboard
MSI 7770 video card
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    have you got a budget for the psu?
    id say something like Seasonic SS-550RM 550W Modular
    I'm kind of guessing you may have lost faith in corsair but they are good power supplies so something like Corsair CXM Builder series 600W Hybrid Modular
    an 800w psu is overkill for your setup 500w and up would be plenty even with overclocking
  2. xfx 550w
    antec 520w
    seasonic 520w

    ive built with the gs600 before, never had any issues
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  4. I have a $130USD limit. thank you guys for the suggestions so far. I do not plan on ever overclocking my machine because it plays all the games I have with no issues.
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