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Hello, I'm having a issue with my computer that is driving me nuts. I'm not sure if its my GPU giving out or a CPU problem. This has been happening for quite some time now.

Here is one of the issues I'm having: If I right click on the desktop and move around the highlight they go away but one I unhighlight they come back. Also, they go away when it gets overwritten but comes back when I move it away from the pixel area.

My problem is related to watching videos and playing games. When I start to watch a video (sometimes) I get a few flickering horizontal lines on the video. They don`t go away until I restart my PC. I also have terrible lag when I tab in and out of video games when in full screen. I`ve done everything from checking my motherboard, PSU, Memory, Stress test on my CPU for errors etc. I`ve updated my GPU driver, updated my motherboard bios, fresh Windows 7 install..etc.

List of Problems:
-Vertical Lines when watching a video (Sometimes)
-Terrible Lag when tabbing back into a game and vice versa (Sometimes)
-Display goes black and get Display Driver Has Stopped Working Normally (Happens when I have a few videos open)
-System freezes when watching video (Sometimes)

- GPU is the XFX 6790
- Intel i5 2500k
- 750W OCZ PSU
- 8GB DDR3 Corsair
- SSD 120GB Sandisk
- P67 Sabertooth MB
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  1. Your graphics card is dying. Contact XFX Warranty service.
  2. This might be due to driver issue try to custom uninstall it from the control panel remove everything that is related to the driver and download latest one available on amd site install it reboot the pc.
  3. @ Sunius . I thought so, My FPS has also been going down weekly. I've sent in a ticket with XFX.

    @xtreme5. I've done that and still the same problem. I've even don't 2 fresh Windows 7 install back when I had my disk hardrive and it was still doing it. I recently got my SSD and did a fresh install again, downloaded the drivers via XFX website and still the same problem.
  4. Reseat the card.
  5. I've done that as well since I clean out my PC every Friday. I remove everything to vacuum my case and clean my components with a can of compressed air.
  6. @Sunius. Would that also be the cause my screen tearing when gaming or watching a video with high movement?
  7. I think so. But the artifacting just confirms it.
  8. Clean the PC every Friday ? And you unplug the components each time ? Well that's a problem... those slots are not designed for that much physical stress.
    Plus it's unneeded... there's no way that much dust can gather in just one week. This kind of operation is required at most twice/year, let's say 4 times/yr when you work in a really-really dusty office.
    But good luck fixing the issue.
  9. Thanks wavetrex. I'll have to stop doing that..I have a bit of a OCD cleaning problem. :(
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