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System has no default audio playback

February 8, 2013 9:07:11 PM

up until 3 days ago, my windows 7 Emachines was outputting audio without a problem. now, Media Player 12 and Flash Player(newest today) do not output sound from mp3,wav,swf,flv and other files. however, the system outputs the standard system sounds and Media Player outputs mid file sounds. when examining device manager, there is most definitely an audio device and I have loaded the latest drivers via DriverMax. the "Sound" display shows the speakers as "default", but the "set default" button is grayed out. I have VLC.exe and RealPlayer.exe and both of those programs output sounds from the mp3,etc files. my main concern is that I cannot get the sounds with the videos output via the internet, either when using Chrome or IE9. I suspect that in some fashion I may have deleted a driver for the default playback since when I pull up Media Player and go to "options", there is no playback device available to choose, not even default. any thoughts?