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High CPU temperature w/stuck browsing window?

February 8, 2013 9:15:41 PM


Can stuck webpages push the CPU?
I noticed the temperatures of my i7 960 cores running from around 56-68C. I was only browsing the web, so I was not sure what was going on. Even pointing a large fan at the case did not help. After looking at what I had open, I realized I had around 36 webpages open at once(Only around 6 windows, but lots of tabs open in some). I thought this might be this issue. I do not overclock my CPU, and my case seems to have plenty of fans.

I closed a few webpages, the temps did not change, and I remembered that one website got stuck last night, and would not close. I used Task Manager to close the problem window, which closed all open browsers along with it, and had to restart IE. When the browser started, I clicked the option to restore all the windows that had been closed. When I looked at SpeedFan again, I noticed my temperatures had dropped to around 39-44C, even with all the browser windows back up.

If that stuck browser window was not the problem, can someone explain what happened?