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Hi there!
I was looking on Tiger Direct, and stumbled upon this Barebones kit....

I noticed that there wasn't a video card included, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a video card that could run games like Borderlands 2. The Kit is $600 (plus tax) and I REALLY don't want to have to go over $900. If someone were to suggest a good video card I would really appreciate it.
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  1. I like this ref a lot. Pick the best card in your approx price point then google to find FPS numbers for it. Then goto youtube and watch some videos shot with the card and borderlands 2.,3107.html

    Guessing you'll end up with nice 7850 under $200 like this one. At 150W (200W overclocked) you have plenty of PSU if the "ultra 650W" can push 400w before it burns up. (ave you seen any reviews for the PSU " Ultra 650W PSU" I don't know it.)

    Nice high end CPU in that kit
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